Local production at a global scale, for consumer electronic goods.


TechBakery, is a project with Quentin Iprex-Garcia.

We take the best of the latest digital production tools, and combine it both with the traditional craftsmanship experience and the industry standards, to manufacture and sell locally electronics products designed by makers, designers, startups and compagnies from around the world.

The industrial production process is today characterized by its extremely centralized nature. Raw materials are brought from many places in the world to one place, often China for electronic products but not only. It is in this unique place that the product will be manufactured and assembled in large quantities. This is a very costly and timely process, which requires expensive tools developed specifically for the product and at least six months to setup the production. The product is then sent worldwide to be sold to the end user. Then, at the end of its lifetime, it finally has the greatest chance of ending up in the trash and is very hard to recycle.

With Techbakery, all products in the catalog can be purchased and directly manufactured anywhere in the world. The production and sale is made on demand at the nearest Techbakery ( micro-factory-shop ). This allow us to :





Re-use local materials and electronic components.




Produce and distribute with the same flexibility as an app.




Bring back production closer to the people.





We deliver a prototyping and production language, including solutions for versatile tools and electronic modularity. Which allows a large capability for expression for creators all around the world.


Techbakery is :